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Published on October 1, 2016

Is it a pyramid scheme or scam?

Coach Todd shows a way to make you think about it a little differently. He labels his chart of circles with typical corporate titles like CEO, President, Vice President,Manager, Employee and ordinary workers. In the corporate world, is there really any way for the employee/worker at the bottom to work his way up?

In network marketing, the newbie (symbolic of the guy at the bottom) gets to determine how hard he works and develop his own skills. He doesn’t have someone else “above him” deciding how much he makes.

We need to think things through be making “silly assumptions”.

Beach Body Coaches make money in the following wyas:
1) 25% commission on all products sold when they refer people through their website. If you signup a coach, they are coded or linked to you, and form then on, you receive 25% commission on anything they buy (for life).
2) Multi-level commissions – based on volume points. The system is a binary, so you have left leg and a right leg. You receive “Cycle Bonuses” and you make $14 at Emerald, $16 at Ruby, $18 at Diamond per each cycle bonus. A cycle bonus is when you accumulate a volume of 200 volume points in one leg, and 100 points in the other leg.

You make nothing when someone ‘signs-up”, i.e. there are no recruiting fees. You only make money when that sign-up, i.e. new coach, actually orders product.

There are people earning six figures a month, because they have grown such large teams who are focused on helping other people developing a passion for health and fitness in those people, and sharing the coaching opportunity with people; and their teams are growing like wildfire.


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