Paypal Proof of Income/CashOut – $1160 in October 2016 by Bob Poster

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Published on December 8, 2016

Newcomers to Empowr and those considering the business are always asking one question: “Is anybody actually making money with this business?”   or worded in Empowr terms “Has anyone really cashed out of Empowr”?  People are looking for proof of cashouts, and that’s what Bob Poster shows in this video.  He reveals his Paypal account with actual deposits.

At the time of this video, Bob Poster was a Teal Star “Empowr Citizen”.  Empowr calls it’s members “citizens” of their democratic economy.  At that time, that was the top level in the company, but now he is “Sky Blue Star”, the next top level.

So what Bob doesn’t tell you in the video that to get to Teal Star, he has probably been working the system for 8 months to a year, and probably a minimum of an hour each day.  Yet it does show what is possible.  I wish he gave more details.  The big question is how much could one potentially make at the Teal Star level.

Empowr has a series of “Power Levels”, they go in the following sequenc: Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Purpole, then Teal.  each level has four degrees: Basic, Level 1 (one stripe), Level 2 (two stripes), and Star Level.  Your Power Level is shown to other users on the lower right corner of your profile picture.  Other members seek to become fans of other members, and especially they want to be fans of people at the higher power levels.  That’s because when one of those “citizens” shares your post, it can be viewed by thousands of more people.

As of today, Bob Post had 13,908 fans, where as I’m at the Red Level 1, and have 1969 fans.  I’ve seen people at lower levels have more fans than me.  I guess it’s a priority of whether you want to get fans, post, or work with the marketplace.  It is a business, and you can choose to work it using different strategies.

People at the beginning levels take a while to learn the system, and they often believe that Empowr is a Scam.  This is because there are fees for using Empowr, and once you become an “activated” user, you agree to let them charge your Paypal account or credit card.  Google AdWords does the same thing, and few people call them a scam.  By learning how the settings work, you can pay at the most $19.95/month to use the system, although that might postpone your earnings further into the future.

This isn’t the only video that shows proof of Empowr cashouts.   Earlier this year, Bob Poster also did another video showing his Empowr Paypal cashouts for the year.




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