Empowr tip #6: Balance versus Ad Credits (From Bill Douglas)

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Published on March 15, 2017

Bill Douglas sheds some light on the common confusion that many have on how Empowr works regarding the 90 day matured cash out.

First he shows the graph under the “How matured is my balance” heading.  He explains how each new user gets $1000 in ad credits to start with, and later you get automatically extended more as needed.

He then shows the “Ad Credits” screen.  It shows the amount extended, and the amount utilized.  This amount utilized has to be deducted, or paid, from your “My Balance” before you can cash out your 90-day earnings.

He also points out that as a Green Power User, he gets 40% of his ad platform fees that can be paid.  He fails to mention that when you get to the Red-Star Power Level, that you can pay 100% of those fees out of your 0-day balance (i.e. non-matured funds).

Pay “on time”, and you get a 1.5% rebate from the 2.9% fee.  He states that not paying your ad platform fee will lower your community score, which in turn can effect how you bid on items in the Empowr marketplace.

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