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Published on September 30, 2016

Glenn made this video on his 75th day in Empowr.  He says “This is a business”.  They give you money, and they want that money back.

This is a totally different type of business, about sharing.

This is a sharing business, it’s all about us.  We can make it better.  Empowr has given us the tools.

The more you buy, share, repost, the more you will get back.  It’s a universal law.

You can never get time back – so work hard, and get this going for yourself.

Everyone has bumps on the road.

He set a goal of 10,000 fans.  he set a goal to be on the leaderboard, then to be on the top 10.  And sure enough, he is #5 as of today on the US leaderboard!  Way to go Glenn!   Congratulations!!!


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