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Published on February 23, 2017

Empowr is the alpha stage, not even Beta yet, but it’s open to the public. Most software applications move from Alpha to Beta to Release.  Often the “Alpha” stage is a limited release, with limited features.  Then when bugs are ironed out, they open it to more people in Beta mode, and finally a year or so later, it typically calls final or to production ready, pedal to the metal mode.

There are five main ways to earn with Empowr that are covered in this video, even though there are others that are not addressed.

  1. Posting/Sharing/Ad campaigns (have to wait 90 days)
  2. Selling in marketplace (What you sell, plus AMCO)
  3. Being a Support Coach
  4. Recruiting (one-tier only)
  5. Stock Options (may be coming soon)
  6. Other …

In the video above, Neal Walters shows about 15 people, and how much AMCO they have made, ranging from about $400 to $2900. These incomes are exceptional, and not average. There is absolutely no claim that you will make any money with the Empowr website, because no one knows how hard you work, what your background and experience is, and how dedicated you will be to overcoming obstacles.

You might need to spend a few hours a week sourcing photos.  He shows a few samples of his profile or home page, where has made several posts including pictures.  He mentioned that he wa sin Ft. Worth, and he took some pictures with his cell phone, and uploaded them with the Empowr Android smartphone app.  Some people believe that posting real photos from the phone might be worth more money than pictures posted via the website, but I’ve never seen any proof of that.

Neal also shows Support Coaches making from nothing to $1901 from the prior month. It’s optional to become a support coach, but you can take tests to become one. Then Empowr will assign members to you, and you can make extra depending on how many people are assigned. However, you are supposed to get back to any questions asked within 24 hours. I’m not sure the time invested is worth the money made, but it’s worth more investigation.

In the video, Mr. Walters goes on to explain that earning preferences: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, along with what each level costs and some pros and cons of each. Platinum has higher pay out, but it’s much harder to predict what you’re actual monthly charge will be, because it’s based on a 1.5% fee of your advertising campaign. Once you get to “Red Star” power level.

Although he mentioned the “Red Star” power level, he didn’t go through the all the power levels, which are orange, green, blue, red, purple, teal, and sky-blue.   However, he give a high level overview of how the daily goals work.  He demonstrates what the graph looks like showing how many of your goals you have achieved for the day, and then the image or graphic that shows all the days that he met his daily goals for the current month.

Neal is ranked 21 on the US Leaderboard as of the date this video was made (February 2017). He explains to think of the earnings and balance as points, or gross income, and definitely not net income. The large money/numbers seem to mislead a lot of beginners.

Signup here: http://topratedbizopps.com/category/empowr/ Just click the link on the right where it says “Get $20 Free”. Empowr is starting to look more and more impressive as a way to make money at home, by posting and sharing pictures and statuses on an environments very similar to the familiar Facebook. You can make money by just posting and sharing, and you don’t have to sell anything. This is NOT an Multilevel nor Network Marketing company. However, there is a chance to earn on your personal Tier 1 recruits, if you choose to do so.


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