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Published on October 28, 2016

The Power Of Blogging From Lawrence Tam – Top Earner in Empower Network Blog Post — Lawrence Tam is currently the top income earner at Empower Network.  He became friends with David Wood, founder, a year or two before Empower started, and Lawrence was one of the founding members.  He’s known at LTam for short, and often jokes about being a “cheap Asian”, i.e. he was raised not to spend money.

Many people need help in designing the life they want to live.  Most people don’t want money, they want money can buy – whether that is peace, security, retirement, an education for your children, or whatever floats your boat. In more recent presentations, held in a private mastermind in Costa Rica, where he tells you how to even get other people to blog for you (both paid and non-paid).  Lawrence got many of his blogs written by VA’s, or Virtual Assistants, such as starving college students who are willing to work cheaply.  Virtual Assistants can also be called out-sourcers or freelancers or even “ghost-writers.”   There are also many good websites that help you find writers.

This clearly describes a clear answer to what you want to create. You know finding time is hard to start blogging, and good writing is simply not what most people do. But here are some power key reasons why you need to give it some priority: 1- You can validate the need and your solution before spending money. Too many entrepreneurs spend big money on development, only to find out that the solution isn’t quite right. Feedback from your blog will tell you quickly whether anyone agrees with your assessment, and whether you have a customer base waiting. 2- Find potential partners. Most of the people you would want as co-founders are now cruising the relevant blogs for ideas and partners. It’s a great way to find like-minded people, and get a dialog going. 3- Populate your team.

A lot of people claim they don’t have anything to blog about.  Well, are you passionate about anything?  Whether you like quilting, collecting butterflies, or fixing old cards, there are people that want to hear about your hobby or passion.  You’d be surprised how many people there are these various niches.

But when the Kalatu blogging platform came out, an amazing wizard was included.  It actually prompts you to fill in your daily blog.  For example, it will ask you about two or three movies you have seen recently, and voila, there’s blog #1.  Then the next day, it might refer you to a site of quotes on the internet.  You simply paste in the quotes, and write a sentence or two what it means to you, or how it impacted your life, and voila, blog #2 is done.  Many new members participate in a 21 or 30 day blogging challenge, where they commit to writing one blog a day, at least five days a week, if not all seven.

Many people read blogs.  Smart employees and professional also stay up-to-date with their careers by following industry specific blogs.  Want to learn to be a consultant instead of an employee?  There is a blog for it.

The Kalatu blogging platform is also for small brick and mortar businesses.  Imagine the extra traffic a local yarn shop could get if they blogged daily, and posted those blogs on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.

You can also use your blog to prove or boost your credibility.  For example, Neal Walters, the owner of this site, has put 100s of his BizTalk Training Videos on YouTube.  Now, anytime he has an interview, he can just point them to the site to show that he was a trainer, and created 100s of videos that are actively being viewed.  Likewise, if you are looking for investors for a business, your blog can be used to attract investors.

Blogging daily can also change you in several ways.  It definitely boosts your communications, and I’m not just talking about writing.  It helps you to put your thoughts together, to think in certain patterns like outlines, and how to fill in those outlines with detailed information that often comes from the top of your head.

Blogging also can boost your Google rankings.  When Google sees a lot of blogs on your site, it realizes you are more important.  And a lot of blogs means more pointers to the home page of your site, which also gives a boost.

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