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Published on October 7, 2016

Aisha has done numerous positive videos about Empowr.

First, Aisha talks about “Daily Earnings” – which is total gross earnings into your account.  Total Sales – Expenses = Profit.

And your expenses include your advertise costs, market place (auction) purchases, and your power level subscriptions.

The Gold Plan is the one mentioned in Eric S Burdon’s video where you pay $19.99/month fixed fee.

With Platinum, you will pay your 2.9% of your ad platform fee.  At the higher levels like green, blue, and red could amount to several hundred dollars per month.  However, by paying this, and working the system, it is more likely you will be able to pay off your add fees that accumulate and eventually start making real profit from the system.

Red Star is important – because that is the level where you can pay 100% of your ad platform fees from your balance.  A lot of people move up a level every two weeks.  So if you work the system daily, it can take 5 to 7 months to make it to Red Star.

What is NOT written on the chart that she is showing is the following:

  1. Everybody has an ad platform due date.  If you pay your fees or not, that is a separate story.  5 days before the due date, your ad platform fees are deduced from your “power up” money.  Her ad platform fees were $2500.  So you lose that money, because it comes from the most matured money; and you need that money to upgrade to higher power levels.  When do you get that money back?  Whenever you pay your ad platform fees.  As soon as she pays her fees, then she gets some of that money back.
  2. If you are on the Silver or Gold package, you won’t get that money back, until the day in the future where you finally do pay those fees, which could be many months in the future.  But then it won’t be matured.

Since she is Red Star, her 1.5% of her $90,000 fees come out of her balance.  You need to watch the above video a few time to really absorb this.  And if you are just a orange level, come back and watch it again when you are about a Green Star – then it will make a lot more sense.

Starting at 9:45 in the video, she does the math of how to “do the math”.

At 13:00 she describes how she won’t even pay large platform fees  (But since she is at Red Star or above, it is no longer a concern).  She gives a what-if scenario – that the payment might be $200 if you were at Red basic.

She emphasizes that it will take a year or two before you will be able to cash out matured earnings.

She says the Gold plan at $19.99/month keeps the system affordable (and the Silver at $9.99/month even more so).


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