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Published on October 2, 2016

Who is empower Network For

There are two main groups:

Group 1 – Small business owners

Someone who has a home-based business or a brick and mortar business. Empower network is a blogging system, that also teaches you how to blog and how to email marketing with it’s new Kalatu Cloud autoresponder. We teach you how to scale your business up to whatever your vision can see.

  1. You need to tell more people about what you have – you can blog about the services and products your current business offers.
  2. Blog about the benefits of your business
  3. Blog about special offers and seasonal events in your business
  4. Maximize the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the name of your business, along with your name and location
  5. Market in an educated format, which is what the Empower Network Courses are about.
  6. You could just use Empower Network as a customer, to use the blog and the training, or you could promote Empower Network as an affiliate
  7. Learn how to market with social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the latest trends

Group 2 – Non-Business Owner but Looking

  1. You might have a passion that you want to blog about, whatever you want. For example, your kids sports team, your cooking hobby, your food or hotel reviews and critiques
  2. As an affiliate, not just to use the product for you own self improvement, you can market the blog and the education to others
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