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Published on December 19, 2017

Mike Hobbs answer the question: “IS USI-Tech a Ponzi Scheme” in this video.  On July 12, 2017, he did a much longer explanation later (it’s actually over 2 hours long, and contains much more updated details), but it’s in our private member site called Bitcoins Wealth Club.  Just sign-up for free, and go to the page for USI-Tech, and look for the 07-12-2017 replay.

In the longer video, he talks about factors like the following:

  1. Why USI-Tech doesn’t show proof of trading (too revealing)
  2. Why USI-Tech doesn’t show proof of mining (partners don’t want them to know)
  3. Who are the men behind USI-Tech, how public they are, and how their public reputations are on the line.

Here are the owners and people behind the company.  The 4 owners all bring something unique to the table. This is not a faceless company. It’s led by a shrewd team.

  1. Horst Jicha – Finance background – he took two companies public and now they are billion dollar companies.  Why wouldn’t USI-Tech do the same? Horst Jicha is the totally clean: he was managing director at Primion Technology AG and a number of other companies. You can find his history on the web, with no dirt to be found anywhere.
  2. Mike Keifer – network marketing for 20 years, flawless reputation
  3. Ralf Gold – trading guru/manager
  4. New guy – Even Ahern  – who is the brain working on the new cryptocurrency being offered.  In addition to the blockchain technology, he is also focusing on renewable energy creation, and heating/cooling solutions (which relates to the mining), which may include hydrogen fuel cells.

You can hear from two of the leaders Ralf Gold and Mike Keifer in the video below:

One source reported that USI-Tech has over 450,000 members and is growing strong.

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The US government (SEC – Securities Exchange Commission) actually has an article about crypto-currencies and Ponzi schemes, and as of yet, has not given USI-Tech any problems in the USA.  Fixed returns are one thing the SEC says to be leary of.  With USI-Tech, the returns range from 0.75% – 1.25% and are therefore not fixed.   Technically, you are not investing with this company, you are buying a product: the btc package. Legally, they aren’t allowed to guarantee 1% per day or even 40% returns on capital, and they don’t.

Their high returns come from trading and mining.  There are rumors now that they are about to become the largest Ethereum mining group in the world.  Some stats say they currently mine 1% of all BitCoin and 2.5% of all Ethereum.

USI pays principal back plus 40% in 140 days. Roughly 0.28% in profits, and 0.72% principal daily. This ROI is not hard to make with an Algo-trader, even day-trading personally is not hard to hit those numbers.  You choose to compound or withdraw daily.

While many doubt, one miner reported the following: “I’m just calling out your Math’s I mine bitcoin if they used that money to pay for large cloud mining or there own equipment they could generate that return and some very easily it’s actually scarily close to the return on investment on cloud mining sites. So if they are focusing in that area these returns are feasible as i achieve 46.5K return per year an 30k of equipment after 14.5k of power bills the bigger your equipment investment bigger the margins so if this is there game im saying feasible. but I will stick to my way.”

The latest info from the USI-Tech Ponzi Conference in London:

Usi Tech is completely innovating and leading the crypto revolution. USI Tech is going to have tens of thousand bitcoin ATM machines with usi Tech promotion in them!

They figured out how to be 95% more efficient in producing electricity with revolutionary magnetic power innovation, heating and cooling innovations, artificial intelligence. This is mind blowing stuff.

Usi Tech will be one of the only companies getting access to this new mining technology and now representing USI-Tech branding mining pool that currently has 1% of global hash rate in the world and 2.5% of global Ethereum hash power in the world and its just the start!

They will be completely transparent with their mining facilities, no one will come close to the amount of revolutionary technology! They were able to reduce cost of mining by 95% and they will absolutely crush it everyone!

They will be launched their own exchange, their own Cryptocurrency trading platform with artificial intelligence, arbitrage trading exploring the differences in prices! Lots of innovation!

There a concept in your brain called the “reticular activator” – i.e. you find what you are looking for.  Or another way of saying this, is that life mirrors you. So if you are a scam, then you tend to find scams in others.

Check out our team site for all the most recently private videos and for links to join: Bitcoins Wealth Club.

Last time, here is the link for out team site: Bitcoins Wealth Club.


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