How Young Mom Earned $20K in 1 Week as a Beachbody Coach

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Published on October 1, 2016

Mindy Wedner is a 15-Star Diamond Beach Body Coach.

Did you ever dream you would be doing anything like this? Mindy thought she would always work as an “office girl” making $10/hour at her Dad’s local small town store. Her and her husband didn’t have any goals or plans, and did know “what the heck” they would do, and even were on state assistance. She couldn’t stand away being from her child, and she would take it out on her husband. They were both so stressed with their money situation that they would take it out on each other.

She never though she would make more than a couple of hundred dollars a week.

I was just going through life, and thought you were “supposed” to hate your job, UNTIL she found this opportunity.

She finally realized she had no plans, and thought God brought this business into her life. She was always good with computers, and enjoyed it, as well as being into fitness. So she finally found her true calling, she “went for it.”

She took a week off from work to get married, a new there would be no pay check when she got back. But she actually made $300 in Beach Body on her honey moon week. Then she still remembers when she got her first $1000 check for one single week. She started balling her eyes out! She never had made this kind of money before in her entire life. She thought it was “INSANE!” helping other people, and doing what she loves.

Then one day she actually reached $20,000 for ONE SINGLE WEEK!

Dream big! Ask yourself “WHY NOT ME?” If I can do this, anybody can do this. No insecurities, no excuses.
Many people in this company are becoming debt free, taking family vacations, doing the things they want to do; all because they are working hard and helping other people!


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