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Published on November 18, 2016

Aisha explains how the AMCO is achieved.  Note: The system does change from time to time, and the concepts of the AMCO have changed since this video was created.  However, the basic concepts are still good.  AMCO stands for Accelerated Matured Cash Out, a term introduced by Empowr (former FanBox) in the summer of 2016. Other cashouts require 90-days of “maturing” or “maturation”, and further, people often don’t cash out because they use their “earnings” to Power-Up to higher levels.

The basic idea is to complete your daily goals: 1) Bid, 2) List, 3)Post, and 4) Share.  You don’t have to fill out all the bonuses.

Do you daily goal at least one day per month; and the more days you do it, the more you could earn. There is a chart now that shows which days you have met the goals.

A month or two after this video was made, the system was “relaxed” somewhat to allow more people to get AMCO’s.

If you always post good ads for your listing, your listing will be auto-approved.  But if enough are disapproved, you fall into a status where each listing must be manually approved.  With manual approval, the auction item may not be approved until a day or two later.  At the time she made this video, that was critical, but now under the relaxed rules it is a little less important.

Selling valuable items will help your AMCOs be larger.  The company website also suggests you sell to a wide variety of people (to avoid colusion and manipulations by a small group of friends cross-buying each otherproducts, just to get the AMCOs).

Aisha suggests the term “transactional trust”.  Bidding on items that a person is selling is a fast way to “close the circle” and build trust with a person.

The “daily goals” are a good idea, because people have any idea of how hard they need to work, i.e. how much work they have to put into the system.  Aisha actually got $600 AMCO.

Another tip is to use pick your top 25 people, by clicking the “star” on the “People I Trust” screen.  You are limited to starring 25 of them.

Note however that eventually Aisha left Empowr, concluding that Empowr is a “fraud site”.


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