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Published on September 30, 2016

At the time of this post,  Empowr rewards your for making your daily goals by potentially giving you an AMCO (Accelerated Matured Cash Out) at the end of each month.

The more times you hit your daily goal, the bigger your AMCO could be.

To “hit” your daily goal, you must do so in each of four areas:

  1. Bid – placing bids on items in the marketplace
  2. List – listing items for sale in the marketplace
  3. Post – posting status, picture, or video (similar to Facebook)
  4. Share – clicking “Like”, “Repost” or commenting on someone elses post

The number of bids, posts, shares etc… will depend on your Power Level.

There are two additional requirements to receive AMCOs:

  1. You must have your earning accelerator on.
  2. You must be at the highest power level that you have ever achieved
  3. You must be above the beginner “Orange” level.

Apparently the size of your AMCO will depend on your profits, which involve how much you have sold in the marketplace.

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