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Published on October 7, 2016

Empowr is an online economy, and there is a bunch of stuff on this system: a marketplace, coaching, teaching, posting.

It is not a scam for two reasons:

  1. It has Patents (which are publicly accessible)
  2. The software is updated regularly

Eric says that if you are out to SCAM people, you would keep your cards to your chest and be secret; i.e. you wouldnot’ patent your system, and expose the inner workings to the world.

But it a really complex system, and that is why people have negative systems.  Most complaints are stemming from the payment system, which is not that great.  People feel that they didn’t give Empowr permission to take money from their credit card or Paypal account.  But this simply means the person didn’t read the terms and conditions of using their system.  There are basically fees to use the system.  Many of those payments can be deferred, but some minimal payments are required from month to month.

Two misconceptions:

  1. That Empowr is a free platform.  It clearly is not, there are “platform fees” and “Ad Campaign Fees”.  Perhaps people are used to other social platforms that have no fees, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, PInterest, and so on…. However, all those platforms have advertising available, and there are obviously costs to advertise.  When you join Empowr, you are are also becoming an advertiser.
  2. They will be getting money after 90 days.  It’s more of a long term investment of your time than anything.

Learn and grow from the system, rather than just complaining and not taking the time to learn the system.

Empowr has a new plan called “Pay Later – Still Optimized.”  Under this plan you pay a fixed amount of about $20.00/month.  But with this option, your long term profits will be delayed longer.

The system is making changes every week, making steps forward toward the better.

Eric advises this is a long term investment, maybe one to three years, it varies from person to person; but there is a good chance to make money, especially if you hustle.

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